South Africa is forging a new economy with which to earn its rightful place in the global marketplace. Far-sighted strategies of government and the private sector are galvanizing the process to redress past imbalances and synergies the nation’s determination to be world class.

VMA inSouth Africa recognizes the burning desire of South Africans to be masters of their own destinies and to profit from the energy invested in their endeavours. We believe the company will play a valuable role in helping build a thriving nation.

We will do this through our forward thinking Black Economic Empowerment strategy which has people at its heart. We believe that a dynamic evolutionary process that invests in people to empower themselves through knowledge and experience is the best foundation for widespread and sustainable growth.

VMA has a wealth of knowledge, experience, skills and opportunities to share with its staff, its business partners and the community within which it operates. This will happen through our:

Employment equity processes;

Skills transfer and development;

Corporate social investment, and

By forming dynamic business relationships.

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