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We are a Proudly South African Company based in Western Cape Province of South Africa We produce aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel),  cement-related materials, bricks and a range of building products.

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Aggregates – construction

We supply crushed rock for a variety of construction uses and sand & gravel for ready-mixed concrete and concrete products. We also produce specialist sands for glass.

Crushed rock

Velvet Mountain Aggregates  supply crushed rock (mainly Dolmite for a variety of construction uses. We produce everything from low-grade fill materials through to single-sized clean stone for use in added-value products such as ready-mixed concrete and asphalt.

 Sand and gravel

The fundamental difference between sand and gravel is the particle size, anything that passes through a 2mm sieve and is retained on a 63 micron sieve is classed as sand, with all particles retained on the 2mm sieve classed as gravel. The rounded shape is the most noticeable characteristic of gravel, however, this shape can provide poor aggregate interlock in asphalt mixtures and this is why crushed aggregate is preferred. In concrete mixtures the smooth texture of gravel can provide a greater level of workability.

Aggregates – landscaping

We have — literally — tons of aggregate. Choose your size — crusher fines to boulders — and colour pale shades to more vibrant colour . Or select from our stock of unique materials. We can also make specialty aggregates for your project. Aggregates and decomposed granite are versatile and affordable landscaping materials. They’re ideal for: a pathway in a garden, a gravel walkway or driveway, and a landscape with crushed stone.


Primarily concerned with providing Surface Course materials in road construction and maintenance that utilise the full potential of the premium Pyroxene Andesite aggregate that is unique  in this part of the world, it also offers production capability of structural pavement courses for inclusion in many aspects of our built environment. We have the added capability of specialist material production including coloured or pigmented resin coated macadams which allow the customer or specifier to have the material in a full palette of colours.

Blocks Paving

At Velvet Mountain  we compare prices from leading block paving driveway and patio installers throughout the South Africa to provide you with the best options on price, design and provide you with a range of tips, information and pictures to help you make an informed decision.


At Velvet Mountain we are recognised as one of the largest suppliers of bricks to the construction industry. With each branch stocking 100’s of different brick types and accessing well over 1500, Velvet Mountain are sure that whatever the colour, finish, size or quantity they can source the right brick for you.

Cement and Concrete

At Velvet Mountain concrete division we offer many optional extras as well as the standard barrowing service and ready mixed concrete including laying, out of hours work, specific mix designs and additives – for more information on our range of services please see our services page.


Our aim is to help our customers solve their building challenges. To this end, we tailor our products and services to suit our customers’ specific needs.

We also offer Rock Blasting Services through our partner company Rock Blasting Services




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